Northwest Territories


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Known as the Land of the Midnight Sun, the Northwest Territories is powerful and immense, wild and pristine. This is where nature rules, with landscapes ranging from towering mountains to rolling tundra, and from seacoast to boreal forests. Where rare wildlife roam free, and the Aurora Borealis dances across the evening skies, providing endless beauty and entertainment.

Aboriginal tradition thrives in the Northwest Territories, here communities were built on a rich fur-trade, exploration and mining heritage.

* Text: Chris Aucoin, Pride Guide Publishing

Quick Facts

Population: 42,000; over half is Aboriginal

Capital City: Yellowknife


What did you say? The official languages in the NWT include: Chipewyan, Cree, Dogrib, Gwich'in, Inuktitut(Iuvialuktun and Inuinnaqtun), North and South Slavey, French, and English.

GLBT Legislation: In 2002, the Northwest Territories prohibited discrimination on a number of grounds, including sexual orientation; and became the first jurisdiction in Canada to prohibit discrimination on the ground of gender identity, which provides transgendered people with explicit protection against discrimination.


Noteworthy: South of the Arctic Circle, during the summer months, the sun rises early in the morning and sets late at night with 24 hours of sunlight on June 21. North of the Arctic Circle, the Sun does not set below the horizon in the summer. This is truly the Land of the Midnight Sun.


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