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In the spring of 2010 OUTVisions first edition came off the press introducing Canada to the first National LGBT Lifestyle magazine, during the next 5 years our editorial team researched and showcased outstanding individuals who graced out covers pages, covering such industries as cultural, entertainment, advocacy, theatre, sports and business all these LGBT individual showed our readers the power and influence the LGBT community has in our society.

We researched unique Canadian LGBT travel destinations from coast to coast, we kept up to date with news in fashion written and reported by Gavin Reynolds.

In November 2015 Colin Sines (Associated Editor and Producer) and Epoch Avenue took ownership, our research showed us that we needed to change and join the social media trends and engage the viewer by having a more informed and news website to include native marketing, engaging advertising and a constant uploading of new content on a daily basis. January 1st 2016 we did a soft launch our new site www.outvisions.com.

The results have been amazing with such comments as “Great new site” – “Love the editorial content and the way it’s presented” – “New site is so easy to navigate”.  This is a website for engaging comments and conversations we hope you will join us and submit your comments, feedback to outspoken@outvisons.com .



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