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Pink Triangle Press is Canada's leading gay and lesbian media organization.

Founded in 1971 to advance the struggle for sexual liberation, our defining activity is lesbian and gay journalism.

The Press is a mission-guided community organization without shareholders, but we earn our revenues in the marketplace. To that end, we are active in business. But everything we do is intended to support or fulfill our mission.

Daily Xtra Travel is a new name and exciting new website design — but we’ve been growing for more than 25 years to become one of the world’s largest LGBT travel resources.

Daily Xtra Travel provides up-to-date city profiles, features and travel news on exciting and popular LGBT destinations. Our continually updated city maps provide travelers with all the info they need to find the top places, venues, events and people they want to encounter on their travels.

With thousands of local listings, pictures, maps, directions, descriptions and comments from fellow members, Daily Xtra Travel is the ultimate online resource for the LGBT traveler.

Daily Xtra Travel also offers travel features with a unique perspective and insight into interesting international locales that are “not-so-gay” but certainly worth visiting.

Our website is the contemporary incarnation of the renowned gay travel resource Guidemag.com and Guide Magazine. Our editorial team is building on more than two decades of experience, information and resources to provide you a world of gay adventure.

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A go-to resource for LGBT travelers all over the world, DX Travel has thousands of listings that direct our visitors to gay or gay friendly venues.



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